Sat 2nd Oct

Culture Vulture 3

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
This textual tapestry of the human spirit combines music, dance and fashion to express a feeling of empowerment.  Now is the time to take back control and release yourself from the box.

Doc 60 – 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
A documentary programme observing various power struggles from a family pet witnessing the break up of her family, to an A.I experiment for dealing with grief. We watch a black ballerina describing her struggles in the industry and witness a sports facili ...

UK Shorts 1

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Comedy, drama and thrillers’ make up this programme of UK shorts from tap dancing through the streets of Milton Keynes, to the frantic search for a missing daughter.  We follow ‘Roy’ who cold calls strangers to deal with his loneliness and watch Amy struggle as she processes the aftermath ...

VR & 360

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
Step into the immersive world of 360 and VR with projects from around the world. Walk the streets of Kinshasa or the back alleys of Jakarta.

Animation 4

11:00am @ Bolton Museum & Library
With this international exhibition of animators from around the world our ‘Animation 4’ block follows an alien flower from a dark planet, and a lost dog in the Arctic.  We watch a failed pianist chance upon some enchanted gloves, and an enlightening relationship between a father and so ...

Experimental 2

12:10pm @ Unit Base Gallery
A transformative and meditative experience observing the elements of chance and control between the mechanical and the natural form.

Directors Notes

12:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
A ‘Coming of Age’ programme from Directors Notes which looks at the uncertain transition from adolescence to adulthood.  We see a party that comes to an end after a superhero tries to win the girl and friendships are broken through intense emotions and added peer pressure.  We get ...

International 2

12:20pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
A collection of international shorts that explore a messy night out on a techno dance floor, and a coming of age drama about a boy obsessed with an older woman.  We see a Muslim couple face a difficult decision, and broken home sisters that take a five year old on a shopping trip

Animation 2

12:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This showcase of international animations explores the range of 2D and 3D techniques.  The worlds created take us to a psychedelic drug induced meeting with Karl Marx, while an AI algorithm determines the health of a life insurance client.  We meet a bullied boy who keeps his enemy close, ...

Culture Vulture 2

1:30pm @ Unit Base Gallery
Through the ever evolving and conditioning of people and place, this program of shorts looks at the relationships we have with each other as-well as ourselves.  Is it time to re-connect with reality or continue to be plugged into the feed?

Family 1

2:10pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
‘Family 1’ aims to bring families together through a selection of shorts that both the young and the old will enjoy.  Stories that tell tales from the imaginative snow maze, to a relationship experienced with a VR simulation.  We visit period dramas where women aren’t given t ...

UK Shorts 3

2:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
UK filmmakers are brought together with this selection of contrasting shorts from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Both casting and filmmaking collide as a women walks into a bank, whilst documentary lines blur into a mundane drama about a mans mental health.  We see a surprise party go wro ...

Experimental 1

2:40pm @ Unit Base Gallery
An experimental extravaganza observing the collective experience of the human condition from an existential awareness regarding the futility of life to the need of communicating our desire for freedom.

Culture Vulture 1

4:00pm @ Unit Base Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the power of the gaze through the foreplay of fashion film, music and dance. Embark on a journey between the voyeur and the viewed within the mirror of aesthetics, art and culture.

Family 2

4:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
‘Family 2’ is a diverse collection of short films for both our young and older audiences.  We watch a son take a trip down memory lane where a pilgrimage of the past creates new beginnings.  We follow a pet chicken help her reclusive owner find true love, and are reminded of the peer p ...

Doc 60 – 5

4:00pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
Our award-winning Documentary 5 programme invites you to join an unlikely partnership between two lonely hearts, and see the difference of perspective when a cruise ship docks on your doorstep.  We take a glimpse into father/son relationships, and watch migrants selling Parisian souvenirs to su ...

Animation 3

4:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1

International 1

6:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
A programme of international shorts that take us hitchhiking on tractors in Turkey, to meeting secret lovers on the shore of a Vietnamese river.  We see an arranged marriage in the cotton farms of Sudan, meet a Canadian family built on ...

UK Shorts 2

6:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
The brightest stars of the UK indie short film circuit are revealed in this block where conflict, secrets and hidden agendas collide.  British storytelling at it’s finest with dramas that relate to social acceptance, missed opportunities and stolen moments.

Best of the Fest 3

8:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
The last of our Best of the Fest programmes brings ‘laugh out loud’ comedies, award winning dramas and poetic monologues to the table.  Here we are transported to the injustices of living in multicultural communities, and witness the exploitation of a struggling actor.  We ...