Sun 3rd Oct

Long Shorts

10:40am @ Bolton Museum & Library
Our ‘Long Shorts’ are scattered throughout the festival but here we have a back-to-back programme of films that journey from a religious thriller that examines revenge and redemption, to a film looking at the banal trivialities and routines of life, and a film about&n ...


11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery

UK Shorts 4

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This award-winning programme of UK shorts takes us through a myriad of situations where we are introduced to the life of John Lennon before he found fame, watch a Muslim family grapple with a son’s sexuality, follow a casual hook up become a bit more serious, and see a dad with a disability g ...

VR & 360

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
Step into the immersive world of 360 and VR with projects from around the world. Walk the streets of Kinshasa or the back alleys of Jakarta.

International 4

12:20pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
From Canada to the USA, Germany to Iran, our International 4 block explores stories from relationship breakdowns and tying up loose ends.  A girl is questioned with suspicions of having been raped, a boy uses deflection techniques to avoid being in trouble.  We look at Americas i ...


12:30pm @ Unit Base Gallery

International 3

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Our International 3 programme visits the far corners of the world with an ironic vacation therapy designed to cure your longing to travel, and an unusual drama depicting fame hungry youngsters of Norway and what they will do to get it.  We visit a man on the edge of his animal instincts, and re ...

Experimental 1

1:00pm @ Unit Base Gallery

Culture Vulture 1

2:15pm @ Unit Base Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the power of the gaze through the foreplay of fashion film, music and dance. Embark on a journey between the voyeur and the viewed within the mirror of aesthetics, art and culture.

Opening Night (Repeat)

2:15pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
Bolton International Film Festival returns with a repeat of the opening programme.  A selection of shorts from the 300 films that make up the festival.  Whether it’s comedy, drama, documentary, animation, community or surrealist experimentations, we can guarantee there wil ...

UK Shorts 5

2:30pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
UK shorts 5 questions the relationships we have with ourselves and others.  We watch a friendship shift because of a drunken night of passion, and witness a grieving wife express her feelings towards a cheating husband. We feel the injustice of a wrongly accused cleaner, and endure the emotiona ...

Experimental 2

3:40pm @ Unit Base Gallery
A transformative and meditative experience observing the elements of chance and control between the mechanical and the natural form.

Culture Vulture 3

5:00pm @ Unit Base Gallery
This textual tapestry of the human spirit combines music, dance and fashion to express a feeling of empowerment.  Now is the time to take back control and release yourself from the box.