Thurs 30th Sept

Culture Vulture 3

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
This textual tapestry of the human spirit combines music, dance and fashion to express a feeling of empowerment.  Now is the time to take back control and release yourself from the box.

Experimental 3

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
An eclectic mix of experimental shorts using landscapes of sound and imagery to evoke sensations of ‘searching for’, ‘belonging to’ or ‘escaping from’ a collective experience.

VR & 360

11:00am @ Unit Base Gallery
Step into the immersive world of 360 and VR with projects from around the world. Walk the streets of Kinshasa or the back alleys of Jakarta.

Bolton Uni Showcase

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Bolton University brings a programme of short films made by a panel of graduates and current students in this showcase of new talent. 

Student 2

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
A selection of postgraduate student films from around the world with narratives depicting the jealous rivalry of a nearby café, a control freaks reaction at finding a pube, the secret life of a parent, and out of control rumours in a small coastal town.

Student Animation 2

11:00am @ Bolton Museum & Library
Our student animators are let loose in this eclectic block of stories, styles and techniques.  From dancing to dreams, temptation to social pressure. This 60 min block takes you on a rollercoaster ride of the upcoming animators of today.


11:30am @ Train Station Platform 5 Gallery
Our beautiful planet is under attack by the humans that inhabit it.  Our Environmental programme hopes to tackle some of the issues relating to climate change and raise awareness so we can alter our ways.  We catch our breath to enjoy the UK’s wildlife, and then despair at the overuse of ...

Experimental 2

12:10pm @ Unit Base Gallery
A transformative and meditative experience observing the elements of chance and control between the mechanical and the natural form.

International 2

12:20pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
A collection of international shorts that explore a messy night out on a techno dance floor, and a coming of age drama about a boy obsessed with an older woman.  We see a Muslim couple face a difficult decision, and broken home sisters that take a five year old on a shopping trip.

Culture Vulture 1

1:30pm @ Unit Base Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the power of the gaze through the foreplay of fashion film, music and dance. Embark on a journey between the voyeur and the viewed within the mirror of aesthetics, art and culture.

Past and Present (2)

2:00pm @ Train Station Platform 5 Gallery
A panorama of films selected from Bolton Film Festival both from past and present editions are brought to the Platform 5 Gallery at Bolton Train Station for this charity screening for the users of community groups in and around the town. 

Doc 60 – 3

2:10pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
A selection of short documentaries that explore the workings of the human psyche relating to distancing ourselves and connecting with others.  We experience the wonderful world of video-calling, and visit ‘The Palace’ with its rich diversity of regulars.  Banksy strikes again only ...

Experimental 1

2:45pm @ Unit Base Gallery
An experimental extravaganza observing the collective experience of the human condition from an existential awareness regarding the futility of life to the need of communicating our desire for freedom.

IRIS Prize

3:05pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
We are joined again with a guest programme from the IRIS Prize. Iris celebrates LGBTQ+ film all year round, including a BAFTA-qualifying queer film festival in Cardiff, Wales, UK each October. Now in its 16th year, Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival is home of the prestigious Iris Prize £30,000 film a ...

Manchester Indian Film Festival

3:30pm @ Bolton Museum & Library
Manchester Indian Film Festival presents this eclectic selection of shorts from the best UK Asian film makers on the circuit.  80’s Britain brings about an unlikely connection with the UK punk scene, while an abused women takes a stand for the safety of herself and her children.  We see ...

Culture Vulture 2

4:00pm @ Unit Base Gallery
Through the ever evolving and conditioning of people and place, this program of shorts looks at the relationships we have with each other as-well as ourselves.  Is it time to re-connect with reality or continue to be plugged into the feed?

Futureworks Showcase

4:35pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Where do you go after University? A question on every students lips and that first step can be difficult to imagine. In this session Futureworks looks at what students can do immediately after graduation. With a panel of successful alumni and industry professionals such as , Matt Johns (Inertia) and ...

Student Animation 1

4:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2

UK Shorts 3

6:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
UK filmmakers are brought together with this selection of contrasting shorts from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Both casting and filmmaking collide as a women walks into a bank, whilst documentary lines blur into a mundane drama about a mans mental health.  We see a surprise party go wro ...

Made up North 2

6:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Our ‘Made Up North 2’ programme aims to highlight the distinct voices of northern filmmakers.  We visit some working class stories from the coal mining industry of the 1980’s to the struggling trawler fleet of the North sea.  A teacher comes to terms with losing her partner and an ic ...


8:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Our Horror programme will have you sitting on the edge of your seats with it’s ‘out there’ storylines.  We evoke feelings of disgust where the saliva of a last kiss creates havoc at a party, and endure the stomach turning greed of a little boy.  Psychological fear take us deep i ...