Animation 1

Total: 66 mins 21 secs

This animation block reimagines the notion of division where a love letter is written confronting feelings of rejection, to a kidnapping crime between friends. We see fashion victims ruling the land and take a peep inside a neuro-diverse artists’ world.

Wednesday 6th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:30pm
Wednesday 29th September 3:10pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Conversations with a Whale

Anna Samo
Germany, 2020
8:46 mins
UK Premiere
In this love letter to artists, their art and its audience, one filmmaker is confronted with rejection after rejection until at last a beautiful fig tree bears sweet fruits.

Friend of a Friend

Zachary Zezima
France, 2020
13:32 mins
A young man is sexually assaulted and subdues, punishes, then befriends his own attacker while confronting his past and the ambiguities of sexuality.

No Leaders Please

Joan C. Gratz
United States, 2020
2:19 mins
UK Premiere
No Leaders Please is an animated film based on a poem by Charles Bukowski. Works inspired by artists Basquiat, Banksy, Haring and A Weiwei represent the poem's theme of self-invention.

L’amour en plan

Claire Sichez
France, 2021
15:00 mins
After 20 years of living together, Carine, Fabrice and their son have a well-ordered daily life. While Carine is restricted to household chores, Fabrice watches TV... their looks no longer meet...

Diseased and Disorderly

Andrew Kötting
United Kingdom, 2021
13:30 mins
A film featuring the paintings, drawings and collages of the neurodiverse artist Eden Kötting to make imagistic gold.


Jean Lecointre
France, 2020
8:39 mins
In a kingdom tormented by fashion crazes, a queen and her court must always keep up with the new trend. If not, an abominable monster will consume them: the Ridicule.