Animation 3

Total: 61 mins 45 secs

Take a trip into the far-out imaginings of our Animation 3 programme with this unique collection of creativity and song.  We explore troubled relationships through the epic performance of operatic cocks, to the dream sequence of Korean pop, and the futuristic world of Puerto Rican vibes. 

Monday 11th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:00pm
Wednesday 29th September 12:20pm - Train Station Platform 5 Gallery In venue attendance for this screening is FREE Friday 1st October 1:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 2 Saturday 2nd October 4:40pm - Light Cinema Screen 1


Marie Lechevallier
United Kingdom, 2020
8:00 mins
Balanced carefully on a tightrope, Blue lives his life in fear of falling into the abyss below. But when he meets Orange, a carefree spirit, he is tempted into a sensual dance that forces him to confront his deepest fears.


Arafat Mazhar
Pakistan, 2020
14:00 mins
A young boy addicted to iFatwa, an app that crowdsources religious death sentences, spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers as he attempts to get a top spot on the Ajar Board.

Nuevo Rico

Kristian Mercado
United States, 2021
16:07 mins
A brother and sister stumble upon a celestial secret that changes their lives forever and propels them into Reggaetón stardom, but they soon discover that their newfound fame comes at a deep price.

Homo ErecTattoos

Tae-woo KIM
South Korea, 2019
8:18 mins
A terrible accident leaves a young soldier horribly scarred, but his rediscovery of art heals his wounded soul, in this brief but powerful animated documentary.


Kata Gugic
Croatia, 2020
4:28 mins
A short opera inspired by Aesop's fable The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle.

Misery Loves Company

Sasha Lee
South Korea, 2020
3:23 mins
One night, Seolgi is lying on a grass field with friends. A shooting star falls, and dark and intrusive thoughts hit her. Her melancholy blooms into bright and colorful “flower people” dancing around and making a wish for a meteorite to end the world.