Animation 4

Total: 67 mins 37 secs

With this international exhibition of animators from around the world our ‘Animation 4’ block follows an alien flower from a dark planet, and a lost dog in the Arctic.  We watch a failed pianist chance upon some enchanted gloves, and an enlightening relationship between a father and son.

Friday 15th October Available for 48 hrs from 2:00pm
Saturday 2nd October 11:00am - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Elevator Alone

Anastasia Papadopoulou
Greece, 2021
3:38 mins
Four people and the time they spend in an elevator.

University of West Attica

Battery Daddy

JEON Seung-bae
South Korea, 2021
6:15 mins
Battery Dad, who works on children's toys, door locks, and remote controls, one day goes on a trip to the valley with Dong-gu's family. Sudden heavy rain begins to fall while having a good time in the valley.

Chasing Light

Gloria Fish
United States, 2021
2:17 mins
We follow Lilli, an alien flower on a dark planet who survives from the light of glowing dandelions. That is, until she meets Globee, a bioluminescent bee, who begins pollenating the light sources which causes them to explode and disperse!

Beyond the Line

Jinuk Choi
United States, 2020
3:17 mins
A wheelchair dreams of one day being fast like a racing car. One night, the wheelchair decides to do its own race in the hospital hallway. Will the wheelchair be able to fulfill his dream tonight?

Seoul National University

Home of my memories

Javier Méndez Lafón
Mexico, 2020
7:12 mins
A kid finds his passion through the experience of his grandfather, all of those teachings come alive in a truly wonderful way.


Milen Vitanov
Germany, 2020
7:56 mins
The lives of four lively Arctic hares take a turn after discovering a strange new creature.


Chinh Mai
United States, 2021
5:19 mins
UK Premiere
A hardworking lamplighter dad wants his son to have a better life through education.

Blue Bottle

Jenny Wright
United Kingdom, 2020
7:00 mins
UK Premiere
A story of Independence, about a hot water bottle who learns to embrace the cold


Luke Angus
United States, 2020
6:50 mins
UK Premiere
A lonely alien goes to extreme lengths to find company


Geoff Hecht
United States, 2020
8:14 mins
Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. During his adventurous bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis.

The Dead Hands of Dublin

Leo Crowley
Ireland, 2020
7:34 mins
The film tells the story of Sidney, a failed pianist who comes into the possession of a pair of enchanted gloves. Upon wearing them he soon finds himself playing the piano like a maestro and all his dreams are quickly realised! However just when he thinks he has everything he has ever wanted fate ...

Final Deathtination

Marika Tamura
Japan, 2021
2:05 mins
A suicidal man encounters Death who is a "travel agent" to find the best place to die and goes on a world tour.