Best of the Fest 1

Total: 96 mins 39 secs

Our ‘Best of the Fest 1’ programme teases out the new talent and storytellers from our 300 strong festival.  A compilation of indie shorts ranging from comedy, drama, animation and documentary. We visit an alien species perplexed by earthly eating habits and watch lightning strike more than twice in the same spot.  We get to grips with anxieties connected to personal eating disorders and sexual abuse victims, and revisit political artwork created for Seni Lewis.

Saturday 9th October Available for 48 hrs from 8:00pm
Thursday 30th September 8:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 1

Don vs Lightning

Big Red Button
United Kingdom, 2021
12:46 mins
All Don wants is a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the universe has other plans.


Joana Vogdt
Germany, 2020
14:11 mins
European Premiere
Following a missed connecting flight, Lena has a stay-over at the shared flat of an old friend. An exuberant evening with him and his flatmate leads to unforeseen events.


Erick Oh
South Korea, 2020
9:00 mins
'Opera' enables viewers to experience the range of in-depth emotions through this epic reflection of human life : it is hopeful, funny, thoughtful, yet scary and sad.


Daisy Ifama
United Kingdom, 2021
19:59 mins
‘RIP SENI’ appeared on a public artwork outside Bethlem Royal Hospital, London. The spray-painted letters called attention to a man who died at the hands of police officers in 2010.

You Eat Other Animals?

Ed Wiles
United Kingdom, 2020
5:08 mins
Two attractive female aliens are taking two happy-go-lucky male Earthlings back to their home planet and untold wonders when they discover something stomach-churning about their guests.


Esme Creed-Miles
United Kingdom, 2020
14:37 mins
A struggling nineteen year old is contemplating ending her life. On the train to her nan’s, her journey is interrupted by another young woman’s death.