Total: 57 mins 11 secs
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Sunday 3rd October 11:00am - Unit Base Gallery In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Tinned Pears

Libby Burke Wilde
United Kingdom, 2020
8:08 mins
A short film made with charity Chefs in Schools. Tinned Pears follows a young family living in food poverty.

The Studio

Quincy Andrews
United Kingdom, 2020
7:16 mins
World Premiere
A documentary following the diverse range of volunteers at a community radio station who choose to spill their hearts to thousands of strangers.

Pitoc e icinakosian

Gerry Ottawa Jos-Onimskiw Ottawa-Dubé
Canada, 2020
6:01 mins
Gerry and their big brother Jos show us that there is more to being different than bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Centenary Film

A. D. Cooper
United Kingdom, 2019
8:22 mins
A film created to mark the centenary of a bee keepers' charity association.

Feeding Lewisham

Cara Bowen
United Kingdom, 2020
11:55 mins
How one community organised, without state or Government support, to help thousands get through the Covid crisis and access food.

Rise Up – Erin’s Story

Sophie Austin
United Kingdom, 2021
8:32 mins
Erin is a lonely teenager trying to raise awareness about the climate crisis with little support.