Directors Notes

Total: 89 mins 43 secs

A ‘Coming of Age’ programme from Directors Notes which looks at the uncertain transition from adolescence to adulthood.  We see a party that comes to an end after a superhero tries to win the girl and friendships are broken through intense emotions and added peer pressure.  We get to grips with the anxiety experienced through understanding your sexuality and live through the nightmare of a spooky game of dare devil.

Saturday 9th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:00pm
Saturday 2nd October 12:20pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

Come on Eileen

Dan Lesser
United States, 2017
11:17 mins
In an attempt to save her broken relationship, a girl fighting depression crashes her ex-boyfriend's birthday party to dance with him so that she might prove to him, and herself, that she's better.


Thea Hvistendahl
Norway, 2017
17:30 mins
As 14 year-olds Astrid and Issi's summer vacation is coming to an end, Issi is on a mission: find a guy to hopefully lose her virginity to. During their last night, their friendship will get tested when they meet a couple of guys, and the night doesn't go according to Issi's plan.


Émile V. Schlesser
Luxembourg, 2019
12:49 mins
A young man with Down syndrome stakes on a superhero identity to muster the courage to profess his love to a childhood friend.

Girl Friend

Chloe Sarbib
United States, 2017
12:42 mins
When Sophie's best friend starts dating someone new, she'll do whatever it takes to make things go back to the way they were.

Broken Bunny

Meredith Hama-Brown
United States, 2017
11:02 mins
A late-blooming pre-adolescent girl attempts to save a brutally wounded rabbit, yet finds that her moral compass and perspective on mortality are challenged in the process.

Night Swim

Victoria Rivera
United States, 2019
12:01 mins
Three teenage girls break into a shut down pool. When uninvited guests show up, their friendship is tested and one of them is left behind.

I dare you

Casper Balslev
Denmark, 2018
7:53 mins
The friendship is tested as two bored teenage girls challenge each other to do stupid things in a haunted house.


Ruda Santos
United Kingdom, 2017
4:29 mins
The journey of a shopping trolley that found a home in the woods and a family to appreciate him.