Doc 60 – 2

Total: 57 mins 31 secs

A selection of indie-docs which tease out the inner reflections relating to loss and renewal, immigration, and a sense of belonging.  From a South Asian gaze on representation, to a couple searching for their son’s heart.  We observe a retiring clown who no longer needs to wear his mask and re-imagine the return of the African astronauts from the 1979 space race.

Friday 8th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:00pm
Wednesday 29th September 2:00pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE Friday 1st October 3:45pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Under The Bridge

Nantia Mantesi
Greece, 2020
6:10 mins
UK Premiere
The film depicts the thoughts and feelings of an engineer on a multi-purpose support vessel, which was executing offshore works, almost still, below the bridge of Rion-Antirion.


Hussina Raja
United Kingdom, 2021
3:28 mins
A South Asian gaze on representation, inequality and discrimination in UK film and TV set against the backdrop of the casting room.

In the Shadow of the Pines

Anne Koizumi
Canada, 2020
7:54 mins
Anne Koizumi explores her upbringing with her Japanese immigrant dad, who was also the janitor at the elementary school she attended.

I won’t remain alone

Yaser Talebi
Iran, 2020
15:00 mins
In a village of Iran a couple lose their son. They decide to donate his organs. Five years pass and the father requests a camera crew to find the person with his son's heart.


Shane O'Neill
United Kingdom, 2021
10:21 mins
A seasoned professional clown on the eve of retirement reflects on a lifetime of adoration & rejection, humour & heartbreak.


Gahigiri Kantarama
Switzerland, 2019
14:38 mins
Stranded in space for thirty years. How does it feel to finally come home? A reflection about migration and the sense of belonging.