Doc 60 – 5

Total: 61 mins 28 secs

Our award-winning Documentary 5 programme invites you to join an unlikely partnership between two lonely hearts, and see the difference of perspective when a cruise ship docks on your doorstep.  We take a glimpse into father/son relationships, and watch migrants selling Parisian souvenirs to support families back home.

Friday 15th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm Friday 15th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Saturday 2nd October 4:00pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Keep Calling

Liam Saint-Pierre
United Kingdom, 2020
8:53 mins
The film is about an unlikely couple overcoming loneliness and isolation. Lilian who suffers from Parkinson's disease, sings at home alone and lonely, until Michael himself suffering mental health challenges, joins a volunteer group phoning the elderly for company.


Odveig Klyve Siw Angell Olsen
Norway, 2021
4:26 mins
UK Premiere
Some are looking for a beautiful view. Some lose their view. A huge cruise ship is approaching a small town.

Lochgoilhead Forever

Liam Martin
United Kingdom, 2021
15:18 mins
In this wryly observed piece, the filmmaker and his cranky father finally head to the neglected home where his grandparents once lived. Like the chalet itself, the men’s relationship is long untended. Sorting through the dusty relics proves to be an emotional task.

Strong Son

Ian Bawa
Canada, 2020
3:15 mins
UK Premiere
An endearing portrait of a South Asian father as he attempts to give life and marital advice to his bodybuilding and image-obsessed son.

Dajla: cinema and oblivion

Arturo Dueñas
Spain, 2020
15:00 mins
Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony. The event ends, life (and oblivion) continues.

Dafa Metti (Difficult)

Tal Amiran
United Kingdom, 2020
14:36 mins
Under Paris' glittering Eiffel Tower, undocumented Senegalese migrants sell miniature souvenirs of the monument, to support their families back home.
Far from their loved ones and hounded by the police, each day is a struggle through darkness in the City of Lights.