Family 1

Total: 90 mins 8 secs

‘Family 1’ aims to bring families together through a selection of shorts that both the young and the old will enjoy.  Stories that tell tales from the imaginative snow maze, to a relationship experienced with a VR simulation.  We visit period dramas where women aren’t given their full credit for their discoveries, and see a BMX racer overcome her fears.

Saturday 9th October Available for 48 hrs from 2:00pm
Saturday 2nd October 2:10pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

The Snow Maze

Sam Cadman
United Kingdom, 2019
11:05 mins
10-year-old Adam is an isolated boy tormented by the school bully, until the arrival of a new classmate and the discovery of an old key changes everything.

The Lady Edison

Jaye Sarah Davidson
United States, 2021
18:32 mins
European Premiere
In 1870, Margaret Knight launched a patent dispute that would be the first of its kind. She is forced to prove in court that she the designer, is the rightful owner of the patent of the machine that puts bottoms on paper bags; not Charles Annan, the man who has already built it.


Gloria Mercer
Canada, 2020
16:03 mins
UK Premiere
In the near future, Marion is an isolated teenage girl living in a high rise above the city and dreaming of the forest. Inside a lonely apartment, she struggles to overcome her stifled relationship with her mother.

His Name Was Gerry

Peter Lee Scott
United Kingdom, 2020
12:00 mins
After a young boy's best friend dies he gets convinced into creating a Viking funeral for him by a neighbour.


Raphael Biss
United Kingdom, 2020
16:18 mins
Living under the shadow of her father and coach, Alicia, an aspiring BMX racer wants to thrive and become her own self but she first needs to overcome a dark incident from her past.

Sea Dragon

James Morgan
United Kingdom, 2020
16:10 mins
UK Premiere
A young girl makes a groundbreaking discovery, challenging the worldviews of the 19th century England.