Family 2

Total: 94 mins 47 secs

‘Family 2’ is a diverse collection of short films for both our young and older audiences.  We watch a son take a trip down memory lane where a pilgrimage of the past creates new beginnings.  We follow a pet chicken help her reclusive owner find true love, and are reminded of the peer pressure felt for acceptance within gangs. 

Saturday 16th October Available for 48 hrs from 2:00pm
Saturday 2nd October 4:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 2 In venue attendance for this screening is FREE


Tommy Clarke
United Kingdom, 2020
13:09 mins
A son restores his late father’s vintage motorcycle, so he can recreate his mother’s most treasured photograph.

Only a Child

Simone Giampaolo
Switzerland, 2020
6:47 mins
Only a Child can be described as a visual poem which gives shape and colour to the words spoken by 12 year-old Severn Suzuki at the United Nations' Rio Summit in 1992, using meaningful images and powerful animated allegories.


Rebekah Fortune
United Kingdom, 2020
16:52 mins
20-year-old Freya is a talented artist. Inspired by the Lincolnshire fen landscape, Freya has ambitions of university. But she struggles to really put her personality on the page because she is hiding a secret.

The Jackpot

Alice von Gwinner
Germany, 2020
22:39 mins
UK Premiere
Thanks to his best friend Eugenie the chicken, the reclusive Albert finds himself involved in a fateful game of chance that leads him to his true love. But is it really all just a coincidence?

Sisterly Love

David Zinck
Denmark, 2021
13:20 mins
UK Premiere
A conflict arises between sisters Ida and Sofie when little sister infiltrates big sister's girl gang. During the course of one night, their already strained relationship is tested through violence and manipulation.

The Sam Story

Richard Noble
United Kingdom, 2021
9:54 mins
A black comedy about free will and white circular benches. Made at the Royal College of Art in London.