International 4

Total: 94 mins 50 secs

From Canada to the USA, Germany to Iran, our International 4 block explores stories from relationship breakdowns and tying up loose ends.  A girl is questioned with suspicions of having been raped, a boy uses deflection techniques to avoid being in trouble.  We look at Americas immigration policies, and witness the emotional turmoil that a breakup can bring.

Saturday 16th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:00pm
Friday 1st October 1:50pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE Sunday 3rd October 12:20pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Loose Ends

Brendan Prost
Canada, 2019
17:19 mins
A woman in the midst of a devastating breakup is invited to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment to return his keys. However upon arriving, she discovers she has been stood up.

The Glare

Anja Gurres
Germany, 2020
24:12 mins
UK Premiere
A silent, 15-year-old girl is brought to a residential group of the youth welfare office on suspicion of rape. She only communicates by painting cruel pictures of sexual assault and remains an outsider despite the group's company. A roommate starts to confront her and question her story.


Emad Arad Ziba Karamali
Iran, 2020
20:22 mins
UK Premiere
Parsa -a 13 years old boy- trying to hide a secret from his father...

The Exit Plan

Angus Wilkinson
Australia, 2020
13:54 mins
In an overpopulated future, an elderly woman is visited by a young government official to check she is complying with the "Exit Plan" policy. However, when the agent interrogates her further he soon realizes she has something 'planned' for him.

The Ferry

Nilton Resende
Brazil, 2020
19:03 mins
On Christmas Eve, two women engage in dialogue in a barge as it glides over the waters of a dark, icy pond. An unexpected event will leave its mark at the end of this crossing.