Made up North 2

Total: 91 mins 26 secs

Our ‘Made Up North 2’ programme aims to highlight the distinct voices of northern filmmakers.  We visit some working class stories from the coal mining industry of the 1980’s to the struggling trawler fleet of the North sea.  A teacher comes to terms with losing her partner and an icebreaker session goes wrong at an amateur dramatics group. 

Saturday 9th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Thursday 30th September 6:10pm - Light Cinema Screen 1


Mike Ogden
United Kingdom, 2020
12:33 mins
Two intercutting stories of outsider characters separated by seventy five years whose lives have been poisoned with conditioning to carry out extreme acts of hate.


Mat Johns
United Kingdom, 2020
18:13 mins
UK Premiere
Rabia and Maddie, a pupil and teacher, form a friendship under the unlikeliest of circumstances.


Larry Ketang Liam White
United Kingdom, 2020
14:24 mins
Things turn sour when an amateur improv group meet for the first time, as one of the group misjudges the situation.

Another Happy Ever After

Keith Farrell
Ireland, 2021
11:33 mins
UK Premiere
A young mother who takes refuge in stories realizes that she must get rid of her prince charming to create her own happy ever after.

Stratum Deep

Lian Meng Rose
United Kingdom, 2020
17:11 mins
Robert, a young coal miner, is severely injured yet forced to rescue his father in the accidental collapse of their coal mine. Historical Fiction set in the aftermath of the 1980s Miners' Strike.

The Tide

Dan Hartley
United Kingdom, 2020
17:32 mins
Once the pride of a North Sea trawler fleet, 'The Annie' struggles to survive in a tide of apathy and neglect. When tragedy threatens her future, the crew strive to define not only themselves, but their way of life.