Opening Night

Total: 92 mins 10 secs

Bolton International Film Festival returns with an opening programme of selected shorts from the 300 films that make up the festival.  Whether it’s comedy, drama, documentary, animation, community or surrealist experimentations, we can guarantee there will be something for everyone with these award-winning indie shorts from home and abroad.

Wednesday 6th October Available for 48 hrs from 8:00pm
Wednesday 29th September 8:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 1 Sunday 3rd October 2:15pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE Wednesday 5th October 8:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 1

Taj Mahal presents… A Short Film

David Dearlove
United Kingdom, 2021
4:32 mins
UK Premiere
A short film for people who don't like short films.

They heard him shout Allahu Akbar

Nadia Latif
United Kingdom, 2021
11:13 mins
Zaid, recently released from prison for an unknown crime, tries to reintegrate into his previous life, only to find that the arms of the state can control what he says and does.

The Host Cell

Joey Hamburger
United States, 2021
3:02 mins
The lines blur between the domestic life of a suburban family and the Sci-Fi fantasy movie they watch on the TV

I am here

Louis Moulin
Canada, 2020
8:50 mins
European Premiere
In this all-digital, all-connected era, what happened to the experience which makes feel alive?


Josefin Malmen David Strindberg
Sweden, 2020
4:19 mins
He may be god enough, but is he… good enough? A slightly surreal comedy short that (literally) lets you under the skin of a bodybuilder and his ambivalent self-image.


Zachary Woods
United States, 2020
11:40 mins
A severely depressed man, who decides to reach out for an emergency therapy session, ends up not being the only one who needs help.

7 Bananas

Daisy Moore
United Kingdom, 2020
12:10 mins
Dara and Sophie's once close friendship is now only sustained by likes, memes and ever-delayed meet-ups. When Sophie commits suicide, Dara is forced to look behind the surface of Sophie's last messages.

Tinned Pears

Libby Burke Wilde
United Kingdom, 2020
8:08 mins
A short film made with charity Chefs in Schools. Tinned Pears follows a young family living in food poverty.

Powerwash (i love you)

Rory Waudby-Tolley
United Kingdom, 2020
2:30 mins
A short film about love and patios


Miguel Faus
United Kingdom, 2019
15:00 mins
In a summer mansion in the Costa Brava, a young domestic worker has to serve two rich kids while they enjoy their summer. Amongst cocktails, drugs and dishwashers, she will look for her own way of having fun.

Five Tiger

Nomawonga Khumalo
South Africa, 2020
10:46 mins
UK Premiere
South Africa, present day. A god-fearing woman finds herself in a transactional relationship as she tries to support her sick husband and daughter.