Past and Present (1)

Total: 86 mins 12 secs

No two journeys are ever the same with this retrospective look at the past five years of Bolton International Film Festival. This programme celebrates the emotions of mankind embracing both the laughter and tears as we travel towards our changing destinations. 

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Wednesday 29th September 2:00pm - Train Station Platform 5 Gallery In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

Alex and Mr Fluffkins

Adeena Grubb Andy Biddle
United Kingdom, 2020
53 secs
With quarantine loosening and lifting in places, Alex and his cat Mr Fluffkins have been having a pretty chilled time, but life is about to change for these two... or is it?

Quiet Carriage

Ben Hyland
United Kingdom, 2018
5:00 mins
A working man's daily commute is interrupted by a loud-mouth passenger, but he really should have left well alone.

Filterface – double tap to like

Will & Carly
United Kingdom, 2019
3:51 mins
FILTERFACE is a satirical piece that looks at the unhealthy importance young people place on social media validation and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies. Doctors have labelled this new mental health illness 'Snapchat Dysmorphia'

Pearl Diver

Margrethe Danielsen
Norway, 2020
8:24 mins
Three couples drifting apart.

Volda University College


Louis Hollis
United Kingdom, 2019
16:47 mins
UK Premiere
For two days each year a 900 year old ball game, Shrovetide, is played out across the hedgerows, streets, rivers and back gardens of the small English market town of Ashbourne.


Andrew Knott William Ash
United Kingdom, 2019
14:24 mins
Joseph works as a clown selling balloons outside a dilapidated pier head. The world has given up on him. And he’s given up on the world. That is until Annie, a waitress at the local cafe asks him for a date and shows him that life can be magnificent if he gives it a chance.

Earthy Encounters

Sam Johnson
United Kingdom, 2017
25:00 mins
15-year-old Kyle believes he can save his dying older brother with a plant he's found at the back of a garden centre. Problem is, there's a shadowy government agency out to destroy it first.

Don vs Lightning

Big Red Button
United Kingdom, 2021
12:46 mins
All Don wants is a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the universe has other plans.