Student 1

Total: 90 mins 44 secs

Postgraduate students offer up this programme of diverse stories and styles – a pseudo-documentary searching for a forgotten parent , the macho arm that flexes in the school hall gym , a black singer disillusioned with her audience, and a migrant-worker awaits his visa to a new country. 

Thursday 7th October Available for 48 hrs from 3:00pm
Wednesday 29th September 1:40pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

This Camera Is Broken

Joshua Hext
United Kingdom, 2020
6:33 mins
An ageing director uses her final film as a chance to delve into her past. Face to face with the embodiment of her younger self, the line between her present reality and the film's begins to blur.

National Film & Television School


Isak Kohaly
Israel, 2020
22:09 mins
Itamar, a chubby and depressed young man, returns to his childhood home in the suburbs following a mental breakdown. As he struggles to get better old tensions about his sexual orientation arise.

Steve Tisch School of Film and Television


Yuxi Wang
China, 2021
12:43 mins
Remastering old photos and DV footage, the director Yuxi Wang makes a pseudo-documentary of a young woman’s journey to find her long-lost father on an island.

California Institute of the Arts


Jesús Noa
Spain, 2019
8:48 mins
Carmen takes care of her sick terminal mother, receives the visit of her sister.

University of Seville

The Flexed Arm Hang

Findlay Brown
Canada, 2020
6:23 mins
A boy attempts to get a silver medal in the most daunting of gym class challenges, the flexed arm hang.

McGill University (USA)

Magnolia Bloom

Tayo Amos
United States, 2020
14:39 mins
UK Premiere
In 1950s Las Vegas, a black singer is on the verge of her big break, but she risks it all when she learns her audience won't be integrated.

University of Southern California