Student 2

Total: 96 mins 48 secs

A selection of postgraduate student films from around the world with narratives depicting the jealous rivalry of a nearby café, a control freaks reaction at finding a pube, the secret life of a parent, and out of control rumours in a small coastal town.

Monday 11th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Thursday 30th September 11:00am - Light Cinema Screen 1


Prospero Pensa
Italy, 2020
17:42 mins
Piero is a long time cafè owner in Milan. One day he wakes up to a new opening next to his shop. Is a Chinese owned cafè. Pushed by his own fear and his customer's bad influence, he gets paranoid and jealous about his rival's success.

London Film School

Snake Trail

Shicong Zhù
United States, 2020
17:19 mins
Urged to complete the traditional Chinese death ritual as her mother’s only daughter, a girl finds herself in an institutional conundrum.

University of Southern California

Last Day

Szu-Wei Chen
United States, 2020
10:33 mins
UK Premiere
As work continues on the border wall, a Chinese sex worker gets surprising news from her visiting lover.

Columbia University

The Pubic Hair

Carolin Glomp
Germany, 2020
13:51 mins
UK Premiere
A business man suspects his girlfriend of having an affair, after returning from a trip and finding a stranger's pubic hair on their sofa.

Hochschule Darmstadt University

The Hideaway

Jane Stephens Rosenthal
United States, 2020
14:55 mins
UK Premiere
No longer girlie enough for her girlfriends and starting to become too girlie for her guy friends, and eager to grow up, Nika, a 14-year old tomboy, is just trying to figure out her place in the adolescent world.

The American Film Institute


Tammes Bernstein
United Kingdom, 2020
22:28 mins
In an isolated coastal town, where everyone knows everyone, rumours start spreading after an accident occurs.

The National Film & Television School