Student 3

Total: 90 mins 22 secs

Our ‘Student 3’ block looks at the upcoming film makers of the
future with a showcase of stories about the connections we have with people and place.  We visit the East End of London where a man gambles with a life of crime to make ends meet, and watch a painful operation that skilfully removes deeply embedded trauma. 
A young woman makes it her business to find love instead of casual sex, and young friends build a safe place to hang-out at a nearby scrapyard.

Friday 15th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:00pm
Wednesday 29th September 12:15pm - Bolton Museum & Library In venue attendance for this screening is FREE

East of London

Giovanni Montalvo
United Kingdom, 2020
13:38 mins
In East London, Jacob finds himself between a looming drug deal and commitments to his family. He must decide whether to face danger in order to make money for his mother and sister, or leave it all behind and risk his life for walking away.

Ravensbourne University

The Walker

Joseph Walker
United Kingdom, 2020
10:59 mins
World Premiere
An older woman who lives on Dartmoor is given the opportunity to reconnect with the world when she loses her hat in the wind.

University of Gloucestershire

The Removal

Leonardo D'Andrea
United Kingdom, 2021
10:55 mins
World Premiere
Burdened by the memories of a life full of pain, trauma and regret, Victor undergoes a surreal medical procedure that promises to rid the patient of any negative feeling. As he lays on the operating table and the surgeons get to work, his entire life flashes before his eyes.



Hayley-May Muirhead Natalie Pailing
United Kingdom, 2021
13:38 mins
World Premiere
In a modern world of ambiguous dating and casual sex, 25-year-old florist Flo makes it her mission to find true love before Christmas.

Raindance Film School

My Life, My Voice

Cassie Carey
United Kingdom, 2020
11:00 mins
Two freelance actresses are determined to “make it” online in the ever-growing industry of voice over.

College Student
Screen and Film School

Yard Kings

Vasco Alexandre
United Kingdom, 2020
15:35 mins
The film follows the story of Ellie, a young girl from a violent home. The 9-year-old seems to escape from her harsh reality by spending her days in the woods of a nearby scrapyard with her friend, Pete. There, the pair have built a new home for themselves.