UK Shorts 3

Total: 91 mins 26 secs

UK filmmakers are brought together with this selection of contrasting shorts from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Both casting and filmmaking collide as a women walks into a bank, whilst documentary lines blur into a mundane drama about a mans mental health.  We see a surprise party go wrong and reflect on the different relationships in society.

Saturday 16th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Thursday 30th September 6:10pm - Light Cinema Screen 2 Saturday 2nd October 2:10pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

A Woman Walks into a Bank

Tom Brennan
United Kingdom, 2020
13:51 mins
World Premiere
Inspired by the wild true story of the Patty Hearst kidnapping, ‘A Woman Walks into a Bank’ is about a young woman’s journey from normality to extremism and back again.

Bite The Bullet

Martin Radich
United Kingdom, 2020
19:56 mins
A man needs to come to terms with his situation.

Three Bull-Mastiffs in a Corner Kitchen

Paul Chambers
United Kingdom, 2021
12:32 mins
World Premiere
A man looks back on his younger years and relives some of the moments that led him into his troubles with addiction in later life.

Small World

Alex Child
United Kingdom, 2021
6:56 mins
World Premiere
Lifelong friends Ted and Harold go fishing for the last time.

Born Again

Candice Onyeama
United Kingdom, 2020
10:25 mins
A magical realism film set in London, ‘Born Again' follows Nwa, a British Nigerian woman tormented by her inability to have children. However, a transformative baptism leads her on an unexpected journey that offers her a chance to rebirth herself.

This Is Hell

Hunter Allen
United Kingdom, 2020
14:50 mins
Sally organises a leaving-do for Mel, but her arrival brings a surprise she didn’t plan for.