UK Shorts 4

Total: 93 mins 59 secs

This award-winning programme of UK shorts takes us through a myriad of situations where we are introduced to the life of John Lennon before he found fame, watch a Muslim family grapple with a son’s sexuality, follow a casual hook up become a bit more serious, and see a dad with a disability get high for once last dance with his wife.

Sunday 10th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Friday 1st October 6:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 1 Sunday 3rd October 11:00am - Light Cinema Screen 1


Oz Arshad
United Kingdom, 2021
18:39 mins
World Premiere
A dark musical comedy about a man who wants to expiate the sins of adultery by building a mosque in Bradford.


Matt Cooper
United Kingdom, 2020
6:32 mins
After closing up his workshop for the day, mechanic Joe phones his fiancee to tell her that he won’t be home until late but then arranges a meeting with the mysterious ‘Magpie’.


Ben Desmond
United Kingdom, 2021
7:58 mins
World Premiere
Liverpool 1960. Art students, Cyn and John, find their blossoming romance in a state of flux as music and fame starts to overtake their passion.

Through the Looking Glass

Morgane Polanski
United Kingdom, 2020
9:48 mins
Violet, an older woman who seemingly has every reason to be full of joy, torments herself and appears to do the same to a younger woman.


Samuel de Ceccatty
United Kingdom, 2021
6:28 mins
A one-shot film about Holly, who after a casual hook up tries sneaking out of the kooky London mooring but roommate Max is eager to get to know her, despite the accumulation of red flags.

Swing For The Fences

Alex Hardy
United Kingdom, 2020
14:49 mins
World Premiere
Swing For The Fences isn’t a just a film about dementia. It isn’t just a fight drama. It’s a film that will hopefully remind us to never take things for granted.

Plot 9

Stacie duPerrouzel
United Kingdom, 2021
11:46 mins
While Alice seeks an escape from the world she discovers a homeless man sleeping in the greenhouse on her Mum’s allotment.


Grant Taylor
United Kingdom, 2021
17:59 mins
World Premiere
A disabled father, with Parkinson's, and his son’s crazy attempt to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife at her birthday party, one last time. What could possibly go wrong?