UK Shorts 5

Total: 92 mins 14 secs

UK shorts 5 questions the relationships we have with ourselves and others.  We watch a friendship shift because of a drunken night of passion, and witness a grieving wife express her feelings towards a cheating husband. We feel the injustice of a wrongly accused cleaner, and endure the emotional pain of an actress during an audition.

Thursday 14th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Friday 1st October 6:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 2 Sunday 3rd October 2:30pm - Light Cinema Screen 1

Love Is A Hand Grenade

Jessica Benhamou
United Kingdom, 2020
12:39 mins
Besties, Gabby and Alexis hook up after a messy night out, forcing them to question the nature of their relationship, sexuality and limits of love.


Mark Rosenblatt
United Kingdom, 2020
14:02 mins
London 1962. A little girl, spooked by a dark tale from her mother’s wartime past, starts to imagine their beloved family cleaner is a thief.

The Gospel According to Gail

Florence Winter Hill
United Kingdom, 2020
8:26 mins
At 17, all Mia wants is to live life in the fast lane, but learning to drive with Gail is so much more than a driving lesson. It's a life lesson.

Staying (Aros Mae)

Zillah Bowes
United Kingdom, 2020
19:23 mins
A woman from the city has a brief but life-changing connection with a hill farmer and the landscape in remote Mid Wales.

22. Anna Matthews

Ben Hector
United Kingdom, 2020
7:48 mins
An actress struggles to control her emotions during an audition for a TV commercial.


Mike Callaghan
United Kingdom, 2020
15:00 mins
Alice, a grieving and disconnected pharmacist struggles with the knowledge that her husband was having an affair before his death.